Fraud Prevention Manager

Madison, WI

At Fetch Rewards, we have two sayings that sum up the ethos of our organization launched in 2013:

Defeat the Odds!

What's next?

Our vision is to leverage technology to transform shopping into an engaging, rewarding, and delightful experience, ultimately propelling the time-worn grocery shopping experience into the 21st century. Our technology platform, based around a free smartphone app, ensures that users have the best shopping experience possible. Headquartered in Madison, WI with offices in Chicago, Denver and New York, we pride ourselves on two things -- the caliber of our work and the scope of our ambition.

The Fraud Prevention Manager will oversee the Fraud team and optimize our loss due to abuse of the program. In this growing department, you will have a unique opportunity to investigate and identify weaknesses in the system, brainstorm and implement policies and changes, and leave your legacy on a high-growth tech company.


  • Oversee and ensure smooth daily operations for the Fraud team.
  • Take full responsibility and ownership over the team and individual performance including celebrating the wins, and coaching during the challenges.
  • Interview, Hire, and Train new employees.
  • Set and achieve goals for individuals, and the team as a whole.
  • Minimize loss due to fraudulent activity and abuse of the system.
  • Optimize team practices to maximize efficiency of the team in processing investigations, meanwhile minimizing 'false positives' and the impact of inadvertently closing the account of a legitimate or well-behaved user.


  • Ability to effectively communicate as a manager the expectations and to help employees work through any questions, challenges, or successes that come with the role.
  • Strong sense for identifying and conducting trend analysis to determine better ways of preventing system abuse.
  • Ability to identify weaknesses in our fraud detection rules and to suggest features or workflows to improve those weaknesses.
  • Creativity to invent solutions to problems through automations and smarter detection of abuse.
  • You possess with a team mentality and enjoy getting your hands dirty and diving into the weeds.
  • 2+ years Team leadership experience.
  • 2+ years in a fraud role for a mobile rewards program


We know we're both succeeding when:

  • You've managed to improve our fraud team scalability, in terms of the volume ratio of investigated accounts, and the process efficiency of investigations.
  • Each member of the team is motivated by your company, and you empower each member to operate at a highly productive level.
  • You minimize the number of false deactivations (false positives) by the team.
  • The fraud team is engaged with their work and recognizes their contribution to the business as positive and necessary.
  • All Customer accounts which are under review are processed in under 24 hrs after being frozen.
  • You wake up eager to come to Fetch every day, and are excited to tell your friends and family what we're doing here.

Those that can help us defeat the odds can forward a resume to