Software Engineer

Madison, WI

At Fetch Rewards, we have two sayings that sum up the ethos of our organization launched in 2013:

Defeat the Odds!

What's next?

Our vision is to leverage technology to transform shopping into an engaging, rewarding, and delightful experience, ultimately propelling the time-worn grocery shopping experience into the 21st century. Our technology platform, based around a free smartphone app, ensures that users have the best shopping experience possible. Headquartered in Madison, WI with offices in Chicago, Denver and New York, we pride ourselves on two things -- the caliber of our work and the scope of our ambition.

The Software Engineer will focus on building backend services to integrate seamlessly with our data warehouse, mobile platforms, and other systems. This position doesn't require a vast amount of experience or an extensive list of skills, but rather a highly motivated and technically savvy individual who is ready to grow in their career and help take Fetch to the next level. Success in this role requires the ability to be handed a challenging problem and design & develop an appropriate solution with guidance from more senior level engineers.


  • Break problems into solvable pieces and translate those solutions into code. We use the best technical solution for the project but have a fond relationship with Java.
  • Hands-on architectural design and implementation of highly scalable and reliable services.
  • Ensure delivery of a high-quality product by being involved in all areas of the software development life-cycle.
  • Drive projects from conceptualization through to successful deployment and on-going support and maintenance.


  • Proficiency with Java (or other object-oriented language)
  • Ability to debug code and understand and describe technical trade offs
  • Effective communication, including the ability to translate and explain technical issues to a non-development team member.
  • Ability and desire to work as part of a team, both within and across departments.
  • Familiarity with at least one version control system
  • Love of Dogs! . . . Or just tolerance. We're a very canine friendly workplace.


  • Experience as a software engineer and excellent understanding of service oriented architecture.
  • Working with MongoDB.
  • Developing on an AWS supported stack.
  • Experience with test writing and quality assurance.
  • We prefer an undergraduate degree in computer science, engineering or mathematical field of study


We know we're both succeeding when:

  • Our project and technical backlog begin shrinking.
  • Our systems are stable and supportable, and our technical solutions can keep up with our business strategy.
  • You find yourself excited to tell people about what we're building here at Fetch. You wake up truly excited because you know what you do today will directly impact a young growing company.

Those that can help us defeat the odds can forward a resume to